Podcast Episode 38

The Last One Of 2015

With the year ending, Eddie and JD discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of 2015. With almost too many horrible things to talk about, these two have a way of seeing the bright side and remembering the support they have. Join these two podcast slackers for a fun half hour of shit talk.

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4 comments on “Podcast Episode 38”

  1. reignking

    Good to hear you guys again, good to hear your laugh Eddie, looking forward to seeing some shows in 2016, keep up the podcast, gets me threw my daily comute, that and Supersuckers RnFn Roll have a great New Years

  2. dustyjo79

    Please do not get rid of the podcasts!
    I wish you would do them more often.
    I literally only listen to two podcast…..Yours and Domestic Disputes (Comedian John Caparulo.
    I love them both !

    • JD (yourmom206)

      That is terribly sweet. We always think we will make the time to do them and then POOF! months go by.

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