So here we are people. We are, as my friend says, “really doin’ it!”.

We are. We SO are. I am really proud of my family tonight. It feels like this is the beginning of something that will be such a rad story that we are actually getting to live.

So that’s what the web site is all about. It is for documenting this crazy, fucked up life we get to live. We get to travel and talk rock. We get to hang with fun people and do amazing things. We work hard and not to be cliche but we play harder.

This fall we will be packing up our home and moving the kids into a trailer, where we will tour the country with the band and homeschool- all that shit!

It’s all new to us. It is all strange to hear still but it’s happening.
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2 comments on “Yep.”

  1. The Kelly

    Yeah … great!!!! Not using itunes, so will sit and wait for that cute little button then ;) Thanks for the inspiration, and extra-mega-maximum-thanks to JD for everything… will answer your mail soon! Love from Berlin, cheers, Kelly xoxo

    • yourmom206

      Looking forward to hearing back from ya. Thanks Kel XO

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