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Writing, writing, writing.

I forgot that when I gave up my blog to take this podcast/website on that I should probably still keep writing. Fear of being too family oriented for the fan boys of the world, I think I just assumed to keep it travel and music related but I am pretty bored of that.

When I had my blog I had this freedom to write whatever I wanted. it didn’t have to be the best of anything and I miss that. The outlet to share my life, not because I think I’m a fucking princess or anything but because I am a writer and I am a mother and the lover of a rock guy.

Ahhh, the lover part we have to work on. Something about cancer sort of hacks through your sexlife like a chainsaw. That is another goddamn lame thing you get with cancer. The list is so long that even I don’t have the time to discuss in detail. I sure am looking forward to when the word cancer isn’t a part of our daily vocabulary. Or even weekly. I will be glad when we aren’t talking about it at all. When all the PT is over, when the scans come back (sometime this month) and we can pat ourselves on the back and move forward.

Moving forward is something we have been talking a lot about. We can’t really decide what we want to do next. Getting back into El Jefe is a dream of ours and we want to make that happen but honestly there are some reservations. It took us two years to get ready to live in that thing and 8 days to get us out. I am not sure the packing and selling and donating is something we can all do again. Sometimes we just talk about renting a smaller house in LA. Sometimes we talk about going back to Seattle. Sometimes we talk about running away to Charleston, SC and stalking Bill Murray.

We could stay here I guess but this house we are in isn’t something we would have picked for ourselves. It is so big (and beautiful) but we are into smaller spaces, where it is harder to hide out. Having three kids with the ages they are (15,6,3) it has always been my mission to keep them together, I don’t believe in the oldest hiding in their room and avoiding contact with their siblings. I sort of grew up like that, my sister was always tucked away someplace and my life was lonely. So anyway, smaller means more together time and that is what I want for my family.

Hope to see you guys hanging out on our website, leave us a note in the comments.


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