Whole 30

No more s'more!

No more s’more!

because, why not? Right??

Here at the Spaghetti house, we are gearing up to take our health back. In the days of cancer, health was of top priority for me. I was making sure everyone was getting what they needed- 49 grams of protein for E, healthy meals for the kids and I… and I don’t know, somewhere between then and now everything just sort of fell out of focus.

I guess I should preface this with the fact that we eat pretty damn well. I love to cook, we have healthy eating habits BUT with packing up, moving, traveling and living mere miles away from Chile Pepper it’s safe to say that we needed to get our shit together and fast- the fucking holidays are coming!

So the Whole30 it is.

Yeah, yeah, yeah- you can’t have grains, dairy, legumes, sugar or….. ALCOHOL!
It’s true, you can’t but screw it, my jeans are tight and I love a challenge.
But the crazy part? the kids are in on it too. Well, two of the three are into it and the other is going to do it because he has shitty eating habits and I’m going to make him broaden his palate. The little guy eats, dairy, eggs and fruit and that is ALL. No veggies anymore, no meat- nada. So what am I to do? He’s 4, until recently he was still breastfeeding (I know, I know “4 is SO old!” yeah, suck it) I think this is a good age to get him into better eating habits and if you think I’m a bad Mom go lay an egg, cause I don’t care.

Okay, back to the food.

What will we eat?? All kinds of stuff. It’s the stuff we won’t eat that will hurt the most. The beer and wine- that is where I will suffer the most. And cheese- dang, but it’s 30 days! I can do anything for 30 days… but why? That is the question I have been getting asked. And believe me, if you have any interest in starting it, be ready for the attitude from others because people are notorious for hating on what they don’t get.

It boils down to me wanting my family to change their relationship with food. I want to “reset” our cravings and our ways of thinking about food. With a husband who travels for a living, I can tell you first hand that he has a pretty pathetic diet on the road. He would admit it too.
From zero veggies to almost no fruit- tons of carbs and sugar and gross stuff like “Cocktail Pep” and beer, he needs the overhaul. Losing 50lbs during and after treatment got him to a weight that he feels comfortable in. The weight of his 20’s and as he gained the last 5-10 lbs back, he not only looks and feels good, he wants to stay this way and that isn’t easy to do when you sit all day and rock all night.

My kids are sugar freaks. All of them. Even the little guy more and more. I blame myself for his ways, as the cereal for dinner was a go to during radiation days and our favorite Fidel’s was way too easy to pick up after appointments at City of Hope. I use the word “blame” loosely. I know I did the best I could, I realize that things were stretched beyond belief at that time but today is a new day and I think it will do nothing but good for all of us.

Personally I hope I lose some weight. I mean, in all honesty, I’m 20lbs heavier than I was before I had Z, 4 years ago. I plan to do something about it now because shit isn’t getting any easier but really who doesn’t want to be healthier?

All kinds of people, I guess but I am not going to spend time judging, I’m just going to spend time teaching myself and in turn teaching my kids better, healthier ways of life.

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