When setting goals, go in blind.

Two years ago I told my daughter a silly bedtime story because I was tired and wanted to go to bed myself.

Wait. I should be honest.
I wanted to have a drink. Probably many drinks.

Back to the story.

I was putting my newly 3 year old to bed and our new, fresh from the oven, 3 month old baby down and I was just sick to death of reading the same books.
I can’t remember what the town favorite was at that time, it was fucking two years ago-

Back to the story.

So I bullshit my way through bedtime so I can get a buzz on and out of me comes this story that makes my daughter laugh. She laughed and wanted to hear more. Truth be told, it probably took longer for me to make up that story than read 6 silly books about ponies and ants- but this story had balls. It had power.

I’m a writer and usually when I write something I am immediately on to the next thing and with this story, I was stuck.

I was wondering how I would put it out. How I would share it?

A blog? No. Too easy to steal.

A book? Am I that kind of writer? Yes, yes I am.

I researched my ass off and for about a year, I sat on it and all the wealth of info. I started talking to people… then I too grew some balls.

There are about 24 hours and 8 minutes… 7 minutes until my very first book comes out. I will be a published author and every single thing I did in the last two years will be worth so much more than I ever hoped for.
I gotta go, I’m streaming tears now and it is diluting my wine.

"Turkey and Mr. Bear" written by Jessika Daly JD to you.

“Turkey and Mr. Bear”
written by Jessika Daly
JD to you.

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