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What would Chief Seattle do?

The Suquamish tribe have lived in central puget sound for approximately 10,000 years. The present Suquamish live on the Port Madison Indian Reservation. In the winter, they would stay in cedar houses or in the Old-Man-House in Suquamish (home of Chief Seattle and Chief Kitsap). During spring, summer and early fall, they would travel in canoes to hunting/fishing/berrying grounds.

Now, the Suquamish are known for many things, but one of the things they are most known for is their basketry.
They made wooden baskets out of woven cedar roots and made the so perfectly that they where watertight, enabling them to carry water and soup. They also made canoes to travel in. they took big cedar logs and dug them out. after the carving, for buoyancy, they steamed and spread the wood.

Chief Seattle. Born 1786 in the Old-Man-House villiage. After executing an attack saving the central puget sound population, he achieved his title as Chief, and the former leaders became sub-chiefs. The US Government made the Land Claim Act stating that settlers can take Indian land, which angered many tribes. Since the Government wanted the Natives to get out of their land, they made treaties. Chief Seattle, in fear of encountering an attack that could not be won, signed the Treaty of Point Elliot, agreeing to move to the Port Madison Indian Reservation in 1855. Some tribes who signed the treaties where so angered by their agreement and reservations that they attacked the settlers and their military, and eventually attacked the settlement on Elliot Bay. Seattle stayed out of it and stayed at Suquamish. because of his actions, the founders of the city named the settlement after Chief Seattle.

In conclusion, The Suquamish was an amazing and smart tribe. They were very creative with their inventions, and clever with their strategies. I wonder what it would be like to build canoes, travel on the water all the time, and hunt every day. Those are some brave people.

Grade and suggest!

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2 comments on “What would Chief Seattle do?”

  1. mrsjeffries

    I am quite impressed with your essay. I have read your last 3 blog entries and I think you have a pretty good grasp on the english language and proper grammar usage. I too, often think of my local Indians and imagine what life would have been like were I one of them in their greater days.
    I am not an English teacher, and I do not feel it is proper for me to grade your work, however I think I can show you a few places that could use some correction.
    I believe that Puget Sound should be capitalized.(
    I also think the the use of the word “Now” at the beginning of the second paragraph is unnecessary. It is too informal for an essay and better used in personal narrative or story telling.
    Third paragraph, Chief Seattle, alone is not a sentence.
    There are also a few error of capitalization throughout that I am sure you can find for yourself.
    I look forward to reading your journey as a writer and seeing what else you have to say. Thank you very much for sharing.
    I also think that this is a clever assignment for a homeschooled person. (Thumbs up mom)

    • JD (yourmom206)

      Thanks! I’m trying to keep it real, keep it interesting and get his ass into University! He wants to be a chemist (this year) so we will keep up the good work. He watched Drunk History for class last week. I can safely say he learned more than I ever did and he remembers every detail. If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and go watch it.

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