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Well, Here We Go

Hi. I’m Quattro Daly, I’m 13 years old, and live in the mean streets of Ballard with my Mom, my Dad, and my little sister and brother. My family and I are doing something big. Really big. Huge. Enormous. Gargantuan. Awesome. We are going through all of our stuff, getting rid of the crap, putting our irreplaceable things in storage, selling our car, and getting an RV. I know what you’re thinking. “Why the heck would your crazy family of five want to do something like this?!” Well, my Dad is Eddie Spaghetti, one quarter of the greatest rock ‘n roll band in the world, The Supersuckers, which means he tours all the time. Which means we barely get to see him, which sucks. Frowny face. So, we decided to pack up all of our crap, and go on tour with him for, what we are shooting for, a whole year. Wherever his shows are, we go. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well get this. My sister, Elvis, is four years old, and my brother, Zeke, is one and a half. That makes things a little trickier. I’m hoping I don’t end up sharing a bed with one of the littles. Oh, god. No sleep for a whole year. That’s my worst nightmare. Without sleeping… Anyway, when I was hearing about this, I thought it would be pretty cool. Then I thought, “Oh, wait! What about school?” Well, turns out I’m going to be home schooled for 8th grade. Weird. Then I was like, “So I’m not gonna see my friends for a year?” And I got- “We’ll visit Ballard sometimes for sure, and after our journey we will come back, unless we find some awesome place that we love.” I’m kinda hoping we don’t find somewhere too awesome just yet. I also currently don’t have a cell phone because mine broke, so that needs to change ASAP. I can’t leave my friends for a whole year without a phone. That’s crazy.

Back to the RV. Our original plan was to keep our car and get a trailer instead of an RV. Then we went to look at trailers and totally changed our minds. We looked at a few trailers, and they were all WAY too small. Then we looked in an RV and our heads almost exploded. Two tv’s, a giant bed, pull-out couch, squishy chair, and it has two two-person chairs across from each other with a table in between, and the table can go down level with the seats of the chairs, and turns into a bed. AWESOME! That’s when we decided we wanted an RV instead. It also has a nice little kitchen. I think it’s going to be hard going through all of my stuff because I have some pretty cool things that I would want to have with me all year, but I’m gonna end up having to put in storage. For example, I have two guitars- a Reverend Flying V, and an EVH striped guitar. I have to pick one. What do I do? One’s going with me in the trailer, the others going into storage. Stressful. I still have plenty of time to think about it though which is good. We also have two cats and two dogs, and we are gonna have to get rid of the cats for the year which is kinda sad. We are taking the dogs, though! That will be fun. The dogs will have tons of fun in the RV. Well, I’m kinda running out of words here, so I guess that means i should rap it up. Don’t forget to listen to our podcast called The Spaghetti Family Podcast on iTunes! Also my Dad’s new record came out a while ago so pick one of those up too at! Alright, good talk. Thanks so much for reading. If you read.


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13 comments on “Well, Here We Go”

  1. Val

    That is super exciting! I remember following your blog way back when you were touring Europe. Europe for Three was it called?Anyway, I’ve been following along ever since. Quattro- you should definitely keep writing about this experience. You are a great writer (you must get that from the folks, huh?) and so funny. Keep it up!

    Excited for all of you can can’t wait to hear about your adventures on the road!

    • yourmom206

      I am really glad to hear that you are still with us. Ha! And thank you for the props, you know hearing sweet things never gets old. We are so looking forward to getting out on the road, I mean. Like really, really, really looking forward to it. It will be a long spring/summer apart but end of the summer/fall will kick major ass.
      Keep listening!

  2. Woody

    Right on Quattro!
    Not only is your family crazy, but they’re also incredibly rad.
    Check this out – you’ll most likely forget a huge portion of the year where you were in the 8th grade in Ballard (at least I did) BUT you’re probably never going to forget each of the 350 plus days when your crazy family decided to pack it up and go on tour with the Supersuckers.

    I for one can’t wait to read about it.

    Godspeed sir.

    • yourmom206

      This was a really sweet comment and he was stoked to read one for him.
      Thanks, keep listening!

  3. Terry C

    Take the V! I have a bunch of guitars and my V (it’s a black Gibson) is my all time favorite. When I moved from the UK to SoCal that was the first guitar to come over with me. The rest had to wait.

  4. Abner Devereaux

    Quattro ROXX !! :)

  5. andy

    sounds great, my eldest is 23 and he did lots of seeing and hanging around with bands and now does that himself. Its great to be round creative people. The new album is great by the way

    • yourmom206

      23 is the year everything came into the light for me. What a great time.

  6. Abner Devereaux

    We must have MORE QUATTRO !!

    Dude – I have a “Wall of Fame/Shame” @ my work & guess what?? (a three year-old) YOU are a featured ‘famer’. It’s an adorable pic of you, me & your Pops showing our devils horns to the camera !! It’s crazy how fast you are growing up, but it looks like you’re gonna be just a cool as your Dad.

    Can’t wait to read more from you, as your travels continue !!

    Love ya, bud !!

    • yourmom206

      He really appreciates this comment and hopefully it will push him to do another blog post! Slacker.
      Thanks for listening!

  7. CC

    Cool blog man. You’ll learn more in one year on the road than five in school I’m sure. You have such cool folks. I hope you have all have a ball!

    And surely the EVH… you kinda HAVE to stand up with a V right?

  8. Porkchop

    omgosh, so freaking cute. I can hear his voice as I read.
    Write more Q !

  9. dumbdrums

    Hey Q. really cool update on your situation…I remember hanging out with your dad on his tour bus when he had Willie Nelsons bus…. those are a lot of fun , and im sure your dad is very happy about having you that close for a year ! safe travels amigo, hope to meet your whole family if you come down to AZ..i grew up with your dad and was in his first band with him…take the VH striped guitar !

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