Well alright!

Elvis and Q, Ballard bowlOkay people, I think we are really close to getting our shit together.

Damn who knew it was so fucking hard to start a podcast? I mean, I guess that is what keeps everyone from getting one. Without the help of our friend Jim Bullotta, we would be putting scraps of paper on a pigeon.

So here’s the deal…

We have big plans come fall and we want to get things rolling now. Doing that, we hope to have a podcast series that will see us through this year (and many more), hitting any and every topic we can think of. We will open the “phone lines” per say by taking comments from Eddie’s Facebook page and this here blog.

Apple is reviewing our podcast as we speak, so we can get on that there iTunes. We’ll let you know as soon as you can subscribe to the Spaghetti Family podcast, but you should definitely subscribe to this blog right now. Go ahead. We will wait . . .

More to come.

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