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Welcome to the motherfucking future, y’all!

beach babe

beach babe

SO here I sit, in the passenger seat (yes, Eddie is driving) and I am online. I am surfing the internet like a boss. I am so excited, I feel like I should up my data plan right away.

We just left Jacksonville, FL- which I need to say is a pretty awesome place to spend the day. I don’t usually love Fl (we can all agree that the crazy shit happens in FL) but we had a pretty amazing time on the beach and I even got to meet two super cool fans, that are chicks in bands, at the show. The shows have all been a little sad, I’m not sure where the fuck these people are but they aren’t coming to the shows. I guess this part of the country is always dodgy- I have no idea how Eddie does it. He will get up there and do his thing, no matter who’s listening. I guess that’s why they bring him back.

He said one time that the first time he played one of these places (see:dump) he said he would never come back and now many years later he is still in them but I gotta say… not a lot of bands get asked back and even more never get asked. He knows how lucky he is, even if he is doing the dirty work by playing to 25 people. I’ve seen him play to 15,000 and last night to 15 and you get the same goddamn show. That’s a man who not only loves his jobs and is good at it but a guy who knows it is not always champagne and caviar. Sometimes it’s PBR and no backstage. We both love a cold PBR.

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