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A throwback to more fun times. We will get back to that.

A throwback to more fun times. We will get back to that.

Here is the latest update on FB.
I feel like we are in a place where we can start taking the website under our broken wings again.
I would like to open the comments section on the NEXT post to any Q’s you might have.
Also, thank you. For sticking around.

Well since I can’t seem to muster the energy to write what I should be writing (about Disney movies) I thought I would give y’all an update that is probably a little past due.
Eddie Spaghetti is starting radiation next week, 9/15 to be exact. It comes about 3 weeks before we thought, due to reasons that are too long and boring I will just say that we made our peace with it and he had his mask made on Tuesday.
We went in to get the mask made and it was scarier for me than him. Funny how he has like saved up his armor to go through this without a complaint. I guess now that I think of it, no one is complaining. We are all just sort of waking up and doing the best version of ourselves and then going to bed and hoping we can hit repeat.
It’s tough though, I’m not going to lie. So many of you know, you have had a close personal relationship with the beast of cancer and I know you get it but damn, it is frustrating.
Anyway, so that is where we are at- I will just say that we appreciate all the love and support. The sharing of his fundraiser page, the letters to the PO Box (PO BOX 50722 LA, CA 90050) the benefit shows. We are humbled and I really just can’t wait to go back to how life was before. We get to do that, right?

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