That yummy asian dressing.

Mayo. Not my photo.

Mayo. Not my photo.

So last week I made my first ever mayo (kinda sorta used this recipe, adding more mustard and using coconut oil instead).
I know- I made fucking mayonnaise, I’m a hippie. Whatever.
The thing that struck me was how damn simple it was, not to mention it tasted superb.

With the mayo, at first, I did the usually stuff. Chicken salad… um, yeah that was about it. On Whole30 you are gluten, grain, sugar, dairy and alcohol- oh and legume free. Like nada. I know, it sounds crazy (read past post).

After a few days we had plenty of salads with my super yummy *coconut oil vinagrette and then I wanted an asian tasting dressing and instead of adding to what I already have, I used my own version of Sunshine Sauce from The Whole30 book .

I will always reference getting ideas more than recipes because my brain doesn’t let me cook verbatim. Some people have to and that’s good for them, I just can’t. I read and watch and troll for ideas about food (always have) and then I just put them in the vault and come back to them one day.

Anyway- so where was I? I made the mayo, needed a new dressing and then- oh yeah, the recipe.

Coconut Asian dressing

1/2 cup coconut oil mayo
3t coconut aminos
1t garlic powder
1/2t sesame oil
1/2 lemon

I’m telling you this shit was awesome. What I didn’t add and wish I would have was ginger. Grated (preferred) but even powdered would be good.
It was amazing. We had it on a bed of broccoli slaw with cucumbers, last nights grilled skirt steak, leftover butternut squash and avocado. I sprinkled it with sunflower seeds and black sesame. Fuckin’ BOOM.


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