“The Spaghetti Family Industries” is the definition of a “grassroots” operation. Everything we do is organic and the result of a crazy idea and a bunch of people who believe in us. Without this team, we would be just a couple’a punks with brats at our feet.

A huge thank you to Brian Kaznyik who pushed the first domino. Not only is Kaz a brilliant photographer and a lifelong friend, at a photo shoot he told Eddie and I we would make a great podcast. Not usually into being told what to do, we decided to give it a try. He pushed the first domino. Thank you. olykaz.com

Our happenings would not be coming out to you, the great people who are listening, reading or following our journey- without Jim Bullotta. Without him we would just be ink on paper. Thank you for taking our wild ideas and making it possible for the good people at home to follow online and hear our podcasts. We are forever grateful and I still owe you a batch of cookies.

We would like to thank the Supersuckers. Dan, Chris and Marty are three dudes that are just as badass off stage as they are on stage. supersuckers.com

Our accountant, Charlie. You always have to thank your accountant.

We have many friends and family we would like to thank and for all of you who have embraced and supported us, thank you. For the ones that haven’t, fuck off.

Rick and Keirda Ballard are two people we must thank for believing in us, for taking the ride. We are nuts and somehow you put up with us, probably because you are completely nuts too. XO acetate.com bobandthemonster.com

And lastly to our kids. Quattro, Elvis and Zeke. You are just small now but our hope is that when you are grown you will look back at everything, at all of this craziness and say, “Thank you Mom and Dad, that was badass”.

– JD and Eddie