Recipe. Mexican shrimp cocktail

Get in my belly.

Get in my belly.

No I’m not a mexican, but I play one on TV.

Growing up in AZ, I feel more naturally pulled to the mexican tradition of things than that of the… oh, I don’t know- white folk. No offense, but mexicans just make me feel more at home. The family, the language and Dios Mio!, the FOOD!

So I made something last night that brought me back to spending summers on the beach in Mexico. Getting oysters from the kids hold them in sacks on the corner, stealing Tecate from my Mom’s fridge.

Meixcan Shrimp Cocktail.

1 lb of raw, large shrimp. Tails on, shelled and de-crapped.
1 cucumber
1 avocado
3 cups Clamato
1.5 cups crushed tomatoes with juice
2 cloves crushed garlic
handful of cilantro
1/4 sweet onion, small dice

In a big pot of boiling water, salted, drop shrimp in and when it returns to boils drain and throw back in the same pan with the crushed garlic, no more heat.
While the shrimp are cooking and or steaming, cube/dice the cucumber, avocado, cilantro and onion and put in a big bowl.
Add Clamato, tomato and some salt. Not a ton, Clamato is salty enough.
If you don’t like Clamato, use just tomato juice but that will be your own recipe, cause this is the shit.
When the sauce is made, pull the tails off and cut into big 1/4 chunks. For big shrimp, I cut it twice.
Stir together and then smile because you are about to feel like a king.
I eat mine in a bowl with cabbage salad, but the kids ate theirs with chips.

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2 comments on “Recipe. Mexican shrimp cocktail”

  1. LoriL

    Awesome recipe, gonna make it this week! And let your mister know that I looked up “oropharynx cancer” after I got “You Can’t Kill Rock ‘n Roll” today (didn’t wanna ask what cancer it is,) and “Way to be in the cancer vanguard, dork.”

    • JD (yourmom206)

      Did you make it?

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