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Eddie and I were talking about doing another podcast. Hell, we might even keep it regular again.
It has been a long time, a lot has happened but I figure, if ya ain’t dead…

So let us have it.
Ask some questions for us to discuss on the next podcast.


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3 comments on “Q&A”

  1. astrozombieee

    Two questions….how’s eagle rock treating you? And when are you two coming to Vegas so the wife and I can treat you two to dinner?

  2. bucknall20

    Long time fan of the band. Family life, work and everything else has limited me from attending shows of late. My young wife just turned 40 and was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. We’re just starting our journey and I turn to you guys for inspiration. Hearing stories of people being diagnosed with cancer used to be “oh so and so has cancer”. Now it’s personal. I hope and pray for the best for you and for our own family as well. Keep fighting.

    • JD (yourmom206)

      I hate to hear that you guys are going through this same mess. We have been very fortunate with people sharing their stories and being brave. If you guys ever want to reach out, please do so.

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