Podcast Episode 37

The One Where They Answer Questions

This week Eddie and JD answer some questions from the website, with updates on Eddie’s cancer recovery. The two also talk of JD’s plans to head to Seattle for a benefit featuring Mudhoney, Gerald Collier and the almighty band Zeke. This one has been finished and collecting dust for awhile but we thought it would be better late than never. Enjoy and look for a new, fresh off the shelf podcast soon!

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2 comments on “Podcast Episode 37”

  1. abner_devereaux@yahoo.ca

    Eddie & JD !!

    Thanks SO MUCH for answering my question in this podcast ! You guys ROCK. Wasn’t sure if its sensitive nature would preclude you from answering it. Good on ya & GREAT to hear that the sh*tty cancer has had some positives come of it. “Time Wounds All Heals” or something like that, right? LOL.

    So good to hear that the family & you are still kickin’ it in California. Hope JD had a great time @ the benefit & that you had a chance to reconnect with some of your Seattle peepes. It sounds very, very healthy that you guys aren’t lettting this get you down & keeping things as normal as possible for the family. BTW – best line of the podcast was JD’s: “You’re such a simple white man”. ROFL. Although, Ed’s “I can still smell farts” was a close 2nd.

    Hmmmm……so let me guess……I’m betting that “Jibber-Jabber” is the track that JD was referencing as “that one” (that she didn’t like). Am I right?

    Love you guys & love the podcasts !!!

    • JD (yourmom206)

      No. Love that song. I don’t love the duet with Loveless. I like her, her voice etc but I loved the solo version, hearing him sing some of the verses was powerful to me and then she ended up singing all the good lines. Boo. Whatever. I got to meet Hayes.

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