Podcast Episode 36

The Welcome Back Episode

They’re back! In this podcast espisode, Eddie Spaghetti and JD are back in the saddle and they hope you’re ready for them. With life taking turn after (shitty) turn, this duo is looking forward to some normalcy, like sharing their lives via podcast.

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One comment on “Podcast Episode 36”

  1. abner_devereaux@yahoo.ca

    Good to have you crazy muthafukkas back in the podcast saddle again. Good to hear that Little Ed is sstill ‘Da Man, too !! How are the kids getting along wiht these changes? I am ssuming that they are hardest on my boi, Quattro. Was he who you were referring to at the end of the episode, when you said “SOMEONE’S not gonna be happy living out in L.A. for 2 years”?

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