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Podcast Episode 27

The One With All The Questions

In this week’s episode. Eddie and JD are joined by none other than their first born, the lovely, the talented, Mr. Quattro Daly. He sits in with his parents and basically tries to hold it together. Words like “balls” and “nuts” make him laugh so hard sometimes, they can barely get him back. The husband and wife team take on everything from “what’s with the ugly beard?” To “how do you want to die?”. This podcast has inspired them to hold a “storytellers” show, where they tell stories of the road. If you have any that you want to hear retold, let us know in the comments section. Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Q&A and a super juicy topic on the next podcast that every “middle aged” guy is gonna want to hear.

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8 comments on “Podcast Episode 27”

  1. dustyjo79

    I seriously feel like the coolest person ever when I hear my name on the podcast! Thanks for making me smile!
    Eddie- if you get low on the Beard Sauce let me know. I’ll send more!
    JD- Beard Sauce will be releasing Broad Sauce real soon! Let me know if you’d like some! It’s really awesome for your hair. I put Beard Sauce on my tips every 2-3 days and it helps with split ends. My hair is so much thicker and longer now because of Beard Sauce.

    • JD (yourmom206)

      Hell ya! Love the name Broad Sauce, that is good branding.
      I am happy we could make you smile, the fact that my mans beard doesn’t smell of hand-juice makes me smile all the time! So it’s kinda like I owe you.

  2. EZ Seas

    Thought of a couple of questions after seeing the band in Detroit the other night (it was great by the way):
    1. Who does all the gig posters for you? Every one I’ve seen is unique and cool!
    2. How long are Thunder’s pants? I swear the guy who they’d actually fit would be a 10 foot tall string-bean! LOL

    Love the podcasts; keep ’em coming and best of luck with the book!


    • JD (yourmom206)

      The posters are from everywhere, although lately they have been using the art of Scotty Roller out of Reno. Pretty amazing stuff. Sometimes done by a local artist for the club.
      10 feet sounds about right for old Thunder cuffs.

  3. Jay

    My question: what happened at the Canadian border in 1994 when you played in Toronto opening for Bad Religion? It was the first time I saw you play and liked your set but got so annoyed at all the “fuck Canada” coming from the stage that I ruled you out until I could no longer resist (when Sacrilicious came along). I’m over the slagging now and hoping you bring the country set to Canada – but what’s the deal? What happened?

    • JD (yourmom206)

      Just called Eddie and he cannot remember, so my guess was they had weed on them.
      I will tell you, having traveled all over the world with the band- Canadian boarder sucks the worst. By far. I have sat there for 6 hours before, Eddie’s been arrested. We have had dogs on the bus and still we have to get out and let them look up our ass. One time I drove up to the boarder in Slovenia and there were about 6 guys with huge machine guns, the looked at our passports, smiled and waved us through.
      Canadians are amazing, the country is awesome but the boarder sucks balls, chopper. They didn’t go there for years just for that simple fact.

  4. Jay

    Man, that’s so weird. I guess we don’t realize it, having Canadian passports… Although, my sister recently had an awful time coming back home to Ontario from Vancouver… On another note… word is we are opening for the band later this year when they come to Hamilton. Not sure if they’ll be in town long, but if they’re in need of laundry facilities or a home cooked meal, or something, let me know. Hopefully the club will make them comfortable….

    P.S. Audio on the podcast of Elvis reading the book was awesome.

    • JD (yourmom206)

      The audio is so good. She is the best, certainly will be finding her way to showbiz soon enough.
      The band is a well oiled machine, dare I say set in their ways- after 25 years, it really turns into a job, one that they all love more than anything, but believe me, you don’t want them washing their rock guy pants in your house! HA!
      I think we bought our wedding rings in Ontario- or Montreal, while we were taking a break from the laundrymat! So funny.

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