Podcast Episode 22

The One About Minor League Baseball

In this week’s Spaghetti Family podcast episode, Eddie Spaghetti and JD discuss exactly what would happen if they cheated on eachother, why minor league baseball is pretty much like the Supersuckers and we discuss good ol’ Arkansas. Kick back and have a listen…

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2 comments on “Podcast Episode 22”

  1. TandKPete

    My wife (Kathy) and I love your podcasts and listen as a couple. The topic of cheating on the last podcast was a good topic. How can one ever forgive that? It isn’t the act itself, it is the complete betrayal. We discussed could we ever get over that? In a word, NO. In two words, FUCK NO. What a horrible thing to do.
    We would like you to consider answering questions again. Perhaps by topic….such as adultery, family outings, etc. the Q and A discussions are fun and take the show in fun and interesting directions.
    As far as prizes….how about guitar lessons with Eddie? Or cooking lessons or tips with Jessika.
    Keep it up, we love you guys!

    Todd and Kathy

    • JD (yourmom206)

      Great ideas! All of them.
      I love the Q&A, it is nice to be speaking with everyone that is listening.
      I completely agree with the cheating aspect. It is betrayal and I don’t see why people just don’t split up.
      Next podcast will be up on Monday, Eddie is flying in tomorrow after 9 weeks, so we wanted to wait to do the show in person. 8 shows over the phone has run it’s course with me.
      Thanks for listening, appreciate the support and the input.
      “Hi” to Kathy.

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