Podcast Episode 20

The One With Their Bottom Dollar

This episode features the end of an era, the Supersuckers and the Toadies tour comes to a seemingly abrupt end. With pranks to pull and tears to shed, Eddie and JD share a few stories and answer some of their own questions in another installment of “Inside the Spaghetti’s Studio”. They also share the bottom dollar.

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4 comments on “Podcast Episode 20”

    • JD (yourmom206)

      Ha! I know, it seems so short. I guess we’d rather you want more not less.
      Thank you for listening though!

  1. jeamor815

    Love the podcast, blog, and band! You are both very entertaining! Listening to the this episode of the podcast I can’t help but think, I’ve heard this before…it sounds like a re-run of Episode 19. Don’t know if it’s a weird anomaly on my end or an oops on yours, I will try again later from a different computer. Please keep doing what you’re doing, I look forward to future posts! :)

    • JD (yourmom206)

      You were SO right. It was! Now the new one is up and running and I hope you enjoy it.
      Thanks for the heads up and keep listening.

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