Podcast Episode 21

The One About Bullshit Fighting

In this week’s podcast we join Eddie and the Supersuckers as they are on tour with Nashville Pussy. Writing and creating songs with the band last year, Eddie walks us through their plan for future pranks, bull fighting and why the hell their podcast is getting so popular!

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2 comments on “Podcast Episode 21”

  1. dustyjo79

    You guys!!!!!
    I just had a moment to listen to the newest podcast episode. I literally started shaking and almost cried all because you mentioned me in your podcast. I started running through the house and yelling for everyone to come listen
    I mentioned to Eddie at the show that opening for the Supersuckers was literally a dream come true for me. I asked him if he ever had that one band that he wished he could play with, because for me that band has always been the Supersuckers. As cheesy as this may sound the Supersuckers are the reason I am married to my husband. In fact when we said “I do”, they immediately cranked Dirt Roads, Dead Ends and Dust and then we walked down the aisle as Mr. & Mrs. Ouimette (Not your typical love song but its ours).
    Like Eddie said, I am a huge fan of the podcasts. I love JD’s opinions on life ! We will be making a contribution to the book next week as well. Thank you so much for making me smile!
    Dusty Jo AKA Dusty Silverback
    Gorilla Candy

    • JD (yourmom206)

      I love it!
      The night you played with them he called me and told me all about you. I was equally excited to have someone give a shit about little ol’ me!
      You are so kind to bring the guys beard presents, I have been thinking about how good he will smell!
      Our song is “Fingers” by Zen Guerrilla and I LOVE “Dirt Roads” always a fav, bet your wedding was really cool.
      I am so glad you got to play with them. I hope they were all nice to you, I LOVED hearing there was a chick in the band. That is one thing I will never get to do (zero musical talent) but I hope my daughter does. She’s a bad ass.
      Thank you for listening and writing in!

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