Podcast Episode 17

The One About That Dirtbag Husband

This week’s podcast has Eddie and JD in different time zones again, but still very much in sync. JD is at home nursing baby Zeke back to health and she decides to take on Tori Spelling’s lying, cheating husband. Eddie tries to shed light on, but not explain this phenomenon because he is not a rat bastard. Together they discuss why men cheat, why women think cheaters will change and why in the shit does this shit happen when things are going good? Or seem to be anyway, one can never tell. I’m guessing the McDerrmotts are feeling like King and Queen of the “ehappiness” gang.

Let this husband and wife team take on a long argued over topic from our house. Use the comment section to share your beef, spread the word and please, wear a condom.

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2 comments on “Podcast Episode 17”

  1. mbaliya

    First off, anyone that quotes THERAPY? lyrics is ok with me…But JD i feel you may be a bit off base when it comes to the cheating issue…After many years of living in that world in one way or another there are a few things i do know:
    1. Cheaters are pretty equally men AND woman ( Go check out Craigslist under the Casual Encounters section..both men and woman..you will need a shower after 10 minutes)
    2. Married cheaters like other Married cheaters ( It takes two…If you are bored in your marriage but dont want to break up your family, what do you do? You find another married person)
    The bottom line is some people get married and respect the union and would never cheat…many others do not…the desire to cheat is NOT gender specific…I never considered cheating when i was married…my ex wife had other ideas..Once i was divorced and didnt want a relationship, where did I find companionship? from MARRIED WOMAN on the dl!!! SO JD dont just blame men! The girls are out there cheating too!
    love u guys

    • JD (yourmom206)

      Totally. Women are not innocent but I think I covered that. I’m talking about a situation that just so happens to be a man cheating on a woman. Well, he is supposed to be a man. I think if you are bored in your marriage you have a whole bunch of options, if you attempt to straddle the line between douche bag and family man, I’m gonna tear your ass up.
      You can’t have both. Male or female.
      I’m pretty sure there is no way to track who cheats more. If you are going to screw someone while you are married or someone who is married, chances are you’re gonna lie about it.

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