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Oh no! Where did we go?


Well shit. It has been an unflattering amount of time since I have even thought of writing on this blog/website/whatever and while I know it is okay to be OK with it all, now that I’m here- I really miss writing.

It is a faceless release that I need and want and… did I say, need?

Yeah, I need it.

So life has gone by and we are all in our lives doing our thing and I feel a little lost.
The last 2 years was so in my face about where I should be and what I should be doing, that now that we are at this (dare I say) calm part in our lives, I am a little restless.

I get like that.

My kids are in school and homeschool and the boys are back on the road- so I’m back to that familiar feeling of having to look at myself and see what my real purpose is (cue pregnancy rumors) and it has been and always will be a tricky thing with me.

So anyway, I wanted to see if anyone was still with us. Anyone still here?

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4 comments on “Oh no! Where did we go?”

  1. Matthillica

    Oh yes! Been hoping life has treated the Spaghetti’s well since we last heard from you.

  2. GailaD566

    Still here, still loving you and the fam, still got your back! (In a digital sort of way!)


    ALWAYS here & always watching/listening. Miss the podcasts like crazy. But, I know that those are a luxury that your time call ill-afford these days. I know – I haven’t written in AGES, either. Just NO TIME. Sure do admire your balance with raising those awesome kids – pretty much, single-handedly. Purpose, indeed. :)

  4. dustyjo79

    I’m still here! Always will be. I adore you both and look up to you in so many ways!

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