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And we’re back.

So the weekend gave us our first taste of self control. Our Whole30 ways were challenged when my mother had a football party. Getting the invite, I didn’t even think about it and then when pondering what I would bring- it hit me.

Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.

I gathered my composure and decided to, once again, think about what we CAN eat, instead of what we can’t. I’m not sure if it states that in the book, I read it back to front (like any good dyslectic) and skipped a bunch (like any Mom of 3). BUT, the key to this whole(30) thing is to THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU CAN EAT AND NOT WHAT YOU CAN’T.

Like… duh. Right?

But it takes a minute. And you find when talking to others about it (which I find myself doing all the time when I am “into” something, I can’t shut up- it’s more for me than them) they are only interested in what you can’t have, so it’s a little tough at first.
It’s okay though… it’s okay. I think.

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