Homeschool. Week 3.

So far, so good.
Two things that are glaringly apparent?
I cannot spell worth a shit and my kids think it is funny.

We have altered our days a bit since we started, that is the best part about being able to be flexible.
I still want them to learn to be accountable and on time, so we have kept that in our day.

A few people have asked me how it goes through the day, so I thought I would share it. Maybe this isn’t the kind of thing that is interesting to you if you don’t HS but maybe it will make you think you can do it too, if it is something you have considered.

Some people tell me their kids would be totally fucked up if they were to HS, I guess that is always a fear. I’ll tell ya though, my fear is that my kids just get pumped through the system and turn out like everyone else.
The idea I have in my head and I do believe it is in theirs too is to let them feed who they are. That sounds hippie but I want them to learn and be able to be themselves at the same time.

I want them to enjoy it and at school my son did enjoy himself but the things he was learning he grew to have less interest in and don’t get me started on middle school electives. He was the only kid I know that in two years didn’t get one elective he chose. Not one. They switched like 2-3 times a year. He got put in a competitive math class twice in the same year and he had regular math. He is good at math, so it was something he didn’t hate but that was supposed to be his fun class. He wanted architecture. He got double math.

So anyway, I got off task. I guess I am always second guessing if HS is the right thing and maybe I always will but you fail 100% of the things you don’t try, so that is my main reason. When my kids are grown they wil have stories about HS and how their mom took them to the forest to study nature and apple picking to learn how to bake and calculus. Yeah. We are going to do calculus and with any hope in the world, it will be enjoyable- maybe under a tree someplace with hot chocolate and a blanket.

Here’s the routine if you want to check it out.

8 a.m. Breakfast.
-Quattro (the oldest) has to make breakfast for 4. Elvis (age 5) has to set the table but before that her and the baby can play. After they have to clear the table, and wash the dishes. This is a win for Mommy. I can have free time with Z. We are potty training- this is my life. Geez.

By 9 a.m. everyone is dressed and ready for the walk. We “walk and talk” at 9, sometimes it is 10 minutes, sometimes it’s 30. Depends on how much we have to say. We adjust our schedule for swimming class, if the weather is nice, we plan for afternoon skateboarding etc.

9:30-10, back at home and ready to work. Kids work at the table, Q discusses an interesting news story (his nightly assignment) or things about his research paper. He also does a few MSP problems (standard testing in WA, we are just keeping him inline so there are no surprises when he takes the test)
Elvis learns about $.
Z included. He paints, play-doh and draws for about 20.

He's an artist.  Age 2

He’s an artist.
Age 2

10-11:30, Q goes to the library. On Wednesdays E goes too. Other days she stays here and we practice phonics, writing, numbers, then read together and make lunch.

11:30-12:30, park then lunch. If it’s raining we all play a game at the table, hit the community center.

After lunch Elvis is done for the day but will work on art projects (she just drew her Halloween costume)

"A Maniac" By Elvis

“A Maniac”
By Elvis

helps me make dinner (she is learning about measurements), so I try to maintain a learning atmosphere until the baby is up from his nap (around 3/4). At that time the shit hits the fan and we are all getting ready for dinner, taking dogs for walks,maybe hitting the park again, begging Q to play a board game.

After lunch Q works until about 3 p.m. on statistics and he catches up on his reading, he is writing his research paper and then turning it into a blog post. He will have to maintain a weekly post for this part of his assignment, when his paper isn’t finished he will still have to write about his studies, life, whatever he is doing and keep it updated. I think that will show him accountability. A lot of people start and never finish things and with 3 kids it is easy to pass it off as there’s just too much going on but that isn’t the case. I think you finish if it is important and I want him to treat his school work as highly important. I want him to have good work ethic not only for when he is in high school and college but for when he is grown. We are talking about having a morning just for reading, like 2 hours, so we may have that in here before you know it. He is not a book worm but when he finds something interesting he wants to read it, I guess he is like me although I have read like 3 non kid books in the last 2 years, so I really hope he reads more than me.

If you have HS stories please share in the comments. I am learning everyday on how to make it better and how to make everything a learning process but I’ll tell ya, I want it to be fun. I’m here, I’m the Mom- that’s my job.

Mork from Ork. Drawing by Q

Mork from Ork.
Drawing by Q

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