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Homeschool. Home. Frickin’. School.

Hey! I’m back! Finally. In this blog I’m going to be talking all about homeschooling, because I am currently being homeschooled, and writing this blog is one of my first assignments.
Homeschooling is going very well so far. I’m really enjoying it. This is my schedule-
Wake up at 8 a.m. (meh), do 4 math problems out of this math MSP book we got from the library, then I would work on something bigger, like this blog. Later in the day I would skate down to our local library to use their computers for this website called Khan Academy.
Khan Academy is an amazing website. The best part about it is that it’s free! Although they totally should charge you considering how much it works and how awesome it is. Right now I’m taking math and chemistry on it. The chemistry I really like and the website is fun! You can earn points and stuff for your avatar and cool crap like that. I sound like a total nerd.
Another reason I like being homeschooled is because of the great statistics. For example- according to a 2009 survey, homeschooled students in grades K-12 scored significantly higher than public school students. For every test taken, the PS students averaged about 50 points, while the HS students averaged any where from 84-89 points.
Plus, homeschooling is getting a lot more popular. In 1999, 850,000 students were homeschooled, and in 2011, 1,770,000 students were homeschooled.

Oh! and check this out.
Picture 3

Interesting, huh?
Well, that pretty much sums it up for this blog. In conclusion, homeschooling rocks. Stay tuned for my next blog! And don’t be afraid to grade my assignment and/or suggest a topic I could write about in the comments bar. Later!

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    Great job Q.

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