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Eddie Spaghetti Cancer Fight.

That's not a guitar pick.

That’s not a guitar pick.

The fight continues and even though the days and nights are slow, I am finding it tough to balance all that comes along with this time in our lives. The love is overwhelming and we appreciate every bit. Like the hiccups in our lives, your support is never-ending.

We are at the hospital now, he is 2 days post surgery and already out of ICU. Eddie had a rough night last night, some gnarly nurse named Michael decided to play hardball with him and he got pretty messed up in the pain department. We spent the better part of the morning playing catch up and trying to even out his pain. I’m going to stick around for the night shift tonight, maybe have a few words with Michael… I went home to get rest and sleep in a bed (this is a chair with a footstool) and apparently that was not my best idea.

We are still moving into the house. My saint Mother is there holding down the fort and watching the kids. Half our life is in boxes and the other half is in our Airstream in OKC. Our friend Jeff Booze is keeping El Jefe safe while we figure out what in the shit we are doing.

The recovery starts now, for Eddie. We are getting pathology back this week to then dive into the next step as far as chemo and radiation are concerned. He is in a clinical trial that will now have him on one of 4 paths, which will help us find out exactly what the rest of the year looks like (chemo? radiation? both? none?) Right now it looks fucked but I know the smoke will clear. Finding time to look for work and to work on the job that I so happily have, is tough but I am going to just wake up every day and do as much as I can. Eddie had two jobs, no matter how cool they were, but the Supersuckers and his solo career supported us and that is hard to manage. The fundraising has blown our minds, the cost of living in LA is just blowing. So thank you. Seriously. Thank you. When Eddie is back on the stage and the guys on tour, you will have yourselves to thank for that.

Well I am starving so I need to get out of here and get something to eat. Please keep sharing our story and while you are at it, go buy one of these bad boys. I’m wearing mine right now.

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One comment on “Eddie Spaghetti Cancer Fight.”

  1. Wesmess

    Thanks for the update. Monster love and best for all of you.
    Just bought me 7 of those BadAss Inked shirts to share.
    Can’t wait to wear it proud and sing along at the next show ;-p

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