1 week to go.

Give us a kiss, fucker.

Give us a kiss, fucker.

Okayyyyyyyy. So we are almost done with the Whole30 (I know, slow as fuck, right?) and I haven’t been updating or showing food so much because I… I have a life. I did, however, want to update anyone who cares (um, no one) that it was pretty spectacular and only mildly annoying at times, after the first 5 days. Those days suck. Period. I did cheat for a day and have champagne at my friends birthday and I also tried this amazing chocolate something- and no, I am not starting over. BUT what I am going to do, is forever look at what I eat differently.
I read reviews on the book and people kept saying it changed their lives. Of course I rolled my eyes and that was pretty much the only thing I didn’t like about the reviews… sounded fake. Like why would a 30 day food guide change your life?
And now here I am. I am not going to say it changed my life but I know I will never look at food, order food or prepare food the same way. I can’t. Why? Because I feel so damn good!
Do I miss all the things I haven’t had for a month? Hell yes! Will I have them as soon as I can next Friday morning?
Um, no.
Here’s why.
After my 2.5 glasses of champs and my thumb size chocolate whateves- I found out that my body didn’t take to kindly to imposters. I felt like crap. Headache and a fear of laughing, coughing, sneezing and crisp high 5’s for a cool 12 hours.
What gives? Oh, yeah- that’s not real food.
So steady as she blows (I’ll probably just risk it) for the reentry of “other” foods but really, ain’t nothing wrong with whole food. So what if you can’t have dairy, legumes, grains, sugar or alcohol?
I kid, I kid- I am totally eating all of that shit again BUT not all of the time.
I honestly don’t miss drinking either. Not on a daily basis, which I was doing for maybe too long. Some nights I want a glass (singular) of wine and when I was doing hard labor, I was pretty much ready to kill someone for a beer, but being out of the fog (yes, you are in a fog) of food and drink, it is clear that you truly are what you eat.

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